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And how do you know if you are?

If the content of your website is controlled by a 3rd party, you are not in control of the content.  That means the chances are it looks just like all the other dealer sites out there. If  that's the case, how is your website promoting and branding your dealership?

And something else: Are you being given feedback on how successfully your site is performing? How many visitors your site receives every month? How long they stay there, and how many of them end up contacting your sales staff? And if you don't know this information,  how can you make your site better?

When you manage your own site, you control everything about it: the look, the information, the depth of the inventory and full details about your sales, service and parts departments and staff.

EDM can build you a custom, personalized site for a very reasonable price, and offer you monthly management of inventory, sales promotions and anything else you choose to add for far less than you may be paying now. And we can design a marketing plan that will enhance your online presence, target those most interested in your product lines, and help you grow your business.

Want to learn more?

We contracted with EDM to develop and manage our site last year, and have been extremely pleased with the result. It's really nice to get personal attention to details with prompt emails, phone calls and even in-person visits when needed.

The biggest and best change for us is great leads that are local and qualified. Our April/May gross sales are up over 40% compared to last year.

Thanks, EDM. We are happy your are part of our successful team!

Ron Lonneman, Ron's Equipment Company, Ft Collins, CO

What an EDM Website Does For You

♦  Gives you full ownership of the website while managing it for you.

♦  Builds your inventory pages with full details - does not send viewers to manufacturers site. 

♦  Creates warm leads for your sales force.

♦  Works with you to design and execute an exclusive marketing strategy.  

♦  Helps brand YOUR dealership with a design and information exclusive to  your business. 

♦  Creates greater marketing ROI for you.

♦  Helps you increase sales of new and used wholegoods, parts, and service.

Know Your Traffic Stats
and ROI Anytime

Does your present website provider let you know how your site is actually doing against the competition? How it can be improved for better sales? Where your visitors are coming from or which site pages are getting the most hits? 


Advertise and Sell Your Own Inventory

Take a look at your current inventory pages. When a prospect clicks on a unit they want to learn more about, where do they end up? If it's on a manufacturer's page and off your site, you've already threatened the success of a sale.


Control Your Own Website

Is your site mobile responsive? Can you make changes on the fly? Add or delete inventory within hours of sales or acquisition? How much does the site offer about your parts and service department? Who decides?