Online Marketing Solutions for Equipment Dealers

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Effective, Affordable Marketing For Equipment Dealers

For the farm equipment dealer, NOT marketing is no longer an option. The days of sitting back and waiting for customers to come in are gone. More than ever, you need to aggressively market your business.

And marketing is really pretty simple to understand. It'’s about generating leads that can be turned into sales by designing a marketing strategy, and then executing that strategy consistently.

Smaller dealerships, however, often face budget limitations that don't allow for a designated marketer in-house, so the tasks may be shuttled around the office and done ad hoc. There may not be agreement--or even understanding-- about what mix of advertising channels will be best And how can you know which investment is really working for you?

And that’s where EDM comes in.

What EDM Does For You

  • We collaborate with you to design a marketing strategy.  
  • We help you to consistently execute the strategy.
  • We work to brand YOUR dealership and create more exposure.
  • We create greater marketing ROI for you.
  • We build a more cost-effective strategy to increase sales of new and used wholegoods, parts, and service.

EDM has created three custom modules to help build your success:

EDMWeb - Informative content and user-friendly presentation create a positive impression. Effective call-to-action forms generate leads for your sales staff.

EDMResell - We advertise your entire used inventory online, with your website as the primary tool for selling this equipment. We can also export this data to a number of third-party providers.

EDMSearch - We don't stop at just used inventory.New wholegoods, parts and service departments, and accessories are advertised through our combination of organic SEO, web advertising, video marketing and social media marketing to generate increased traffic to your site.

Want more information about how we can help build your business?


Below are some videos that show the breadth of services we offer at EDM.

From left-to-right: A video we produced for a dealer who sells Massey Ferguson compact tractors. The video trains novice tractor owners on the service points of the tractor, emphasizing ease of maintenance. It  can also be used successfully by the sales department as it portrays the product in a highly positive light.

The center video talks about Google Analytics,  a free tool that makes it easy for you to track the success of your website...and measure your website provider's efforts. We apply Google Analytics to every website we build, and we share the results monthly with our clients so they can track our success and their web traffic. Regardless of who your web provider is, make sure they have Google Analytics installed on your site and share the numbers with you on a regular basis.

Finally, the video on the far right talks about why you need a website provider that understands your business and can meet your goals, even if you plan to become the largest dealer for a product most consumers can't spell!