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Ask Tractor Mike

Mike Wiles spent years in the tractor and equipment dealership world before he opened this e-commerce site devoted to helping new and experienced tractor and equipment owners get the most from their machines.

The site is full of educational videos that Mike produces, that he says are essentially a crash course in the basics of small farm tractors. He covers equipment operation, offers helpful suggestions for buying tractors and implements, and covers farm life, from safety to equipment maintenance.

His e-commerce store offers tractor accessories and attachments, quick attach kits, sprayers, tool for maintenance and miscellaneous helpful items he sources or, in some cases, helps design.

Originally, our job was to build the site, make sure the videos are always up-to-date, and keep the e-commerce store working properly. We work with Woo-Commerce to ensure that sales are recorded and items shipped as promised.

Of course, we upload inventory, optimize images, and perform all the necessary SEO tasks to keep the site high in organic rankings.

Recently, we've begun writing blogs about the products Mike offers, as well as other topics of interest to his audience. We've also started writing and mailing a monthly newsletter, alerting his very dedicated followers to newest products, sales, and important news Mike wants to share.


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