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EDMweb: Effective Websites for Ag and Outdoor Power Equipment Dealers

Web designers are usually most interested in how a site looks -- they want it dramatic, colorful and artistic. That's fine, but here's the ugly truth about websites: a pretty page is not enough.
creating-siteGood design must include a user friendly layout with easy navigation, and create a positive experience for the viewer. Complicated sites full of unrelated imagery or filler text just confuse your viewers. For an ag or power equipment dealer, this means good product images and a lot of helpful advice about the products.

The intention of effective web design is for the elements on the page to come together in a way that leads visitors to take a particular action, whether it's a phone call or an an email newsletter signup for email marketing.

Of course, pleasing color schemes and and an overall attractive design do help play their role ininside-a-dealershipachieving conversions: the point when viewers become leads or customers. Effective design also projects a cohesive look that communicates your brand identity while guiding visitors through the intended conversion funnel.But ultimately, content quality is key to creating the impression of subject matter authority. Every word on the page should lead the customer to wanting to learn more from you...and move to contact you. If it's presented in a clear and pleasing design, so much the better.

Equipment Dealer Marketing's web designers will meet these objectives when building your site. They are experienced with building web sites for power equipment and ag equipment dealers, and know how to attract consumers and keep them on your pages.The EDM Power Marketing Plan begins with quality website design and professionally written copy, and ends with your success.