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Email Marketing Builds Your Ag or Power Equipment Dealership Business

Let's face it, maintaining customer loyalty can be difficult. A really great TV
email-market-pagecommercial or a friend's suggestion can convince a consumer to try a new place to shop. 

So ask yourself: Are you easy to forget? Do you offer customers anything other than goods to purchase? Do you offer free advice, recommendations, or helpful hints? Do you make an effort to stay connected?

If you don't have a way of reminding them that you still want their business and have value for them, you're taking the risk of losing them. A monthly email newsletter, full of helpful and interesting info, keeps you in their minds. 

Not everyone on your email list will open every newsletter, but once a customer has committed to receiving it, there's a chance he'll open it at least once...and continue to, if he sees value in it. That said, remember this:

It's NOT an Advertisement

email-newsletter-imageThis is really important. The newsletter does NOT sell them anything. It's informational.

For example, you might offer a review exploring the differences in lawn and garden equipment (that you sell, of course) and recommend certain equipment for certain types of properties. No sales pitch, just helpful ideas. 

Of course, if you're having a great sale, you'll want to let your newsletter customers know about it.  But the purpose of the email is to create the perception that you are a friendly expert who wants to share knowledge with them. That helps the consumer decide that buying from you is part of a mutually beneficial relationship.

It's important to send newsletters through an email service provider rather than your business email account, because those providers track results for you: who is opening the email, who is rejecting it, which emails have failed. You can also find data on click-through rates and other metrics that show you which topics are most likely to be opened. 

And of course, once you have a newsletter email list, you can always make it do double duty, and  send special sales fliers out to those customers.