Online Marketing Solutions for Equipment Dealers

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We Develop Marketing Strategies to Increase Your Website Traffic

Google and Bing help web searchers find the best answers to their questions. 

The search engines check hundreds of websites' relevance to every search request. Then they display a list of sites ranked by how the search engines view them as authorities on the topic.

As an ag equipment dealer or an outdoor power equipment dealer, you're competing against all other dealers in your category. The quality of the information on your site can easily affect how you rank on the page.

To help them find your company in the sea of online businesses, you need to have a solid marketing strategy.

This whole process is lumped under the term SEO -- Search Engine Optimization. We discuss the SEO impact of website design here.

The Marketing Plan: Step by Step for Growth

Once we've built your new website, we begin work on the external factors that determine your site’s ranking. To do so, we use our own in-house tools to conduct a site and ranking evaluation.

Then we uncover the missing elements that will help increase traffic.We determine how the site ranks for a variety of keyword phrases (the phrases searchers are using to find information).

We may need to add more appropriate keywords to every page. Maybe new headlines or other cues to alert the search engines as to what's on your pages. We might need to add links to other sites or additional pages to continue to prove your value to the search engines.

We'll also look at paid advertising through Google AdWords to drive visitors to  your site. When serious consumers click on those ads to reach your site, it helps build your conversion rates -- the points when visitors become customers.

Online Advertising and Pay Per Click

 Because organic search takes time, we recommend that power equipment and ag equipment dealerships have a PPC program for their targeted keywords. With PPC, traffic to your site can increase in a matter of days instead of months.

A Complete Marketing Plan for Ag and Outdoor Power Equipment Dealers

Once we have reviewed all the possibilities and discussed them with you, we will move ahead with the best course of action to increase your  traffic. We then track your site's progress through Google analytics, and make further changes as needed until we---and you---are happy with your site's performance.

Keep in mind, though, that consistently showing up in the top three top search slots  for equipment dealers can sometimes take patience and effort. It takes high quality content and best-practice SEO approaches. And to maintain your ranking, it takes constant keyword monitoring and content reworking. 

That's our commitment to you when you hire us to help you increase your web traffic. Your competition is always engaged in the battle for ranking supremacy...and with EDM handling your SEO and web traffic improvements, you will be too.