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EDMtraffic: Marketing Strategies to
Increase Your Website Traffic

Google, Bing, and Yahoo are in the business of delivering the most relevant and highest quality web pages to the searcher. Simply put, their job is to help you find the best answers to your search used-farm-equipment-3questions. To help them do this, a solid digital marketing strategy must be employed.

The search engines rank hundreds of websites' relevance to any particular search request. They factor in data from the actual sites, as well as links from other sites and social media. The resulting list that comes up in response to a search request ranks sites by how they are perceived for authority on the topic. As an ag equipment dealer or an outdoor power equipment dealer, you're competing against all other dealers in your category. The quality of the information on your site, and your social media presence, all affect how you rank on the page.

This whole process is lumped under the term SEO -- Search Engine Optimization. We discuss the SEO impact of website design here.

The Marketing Plan: Step by Step for Growth

After configuring the website for maximum search value, we begin to work on the external factors that determine your website’s ranking.

First, we use our own in-house tools to conduct a site and ranking evaluation. We discover howgrowth-by-stepsyour current site ranks for a variety of keyword phrases, and where it is missing the elements that will help increase traffic.

Which particular methods we use initially will be determined by the data we uncover through the evaluation. Your site may need to be re-written, with appropriate keywords added to the copy on every page. It may need new headlines and other cues to alert Google and the others as to what's on your pages. You may need links to other sites; you may need a blog or additional pages to continue to prove your value to the search engines.

We'll also look at paid advertising through Google AdWords and Facebook ads. Because first we need visitors to your site, and then we need to build your conversion rates -- the points when visitors become customers.

Social Media Marketing
for Ag and Power Equipment Dealers

It’s no secret that your prospects and customers go online to discuss products and seek advice. But how do we influence these conversations, and how can we measure that impact as far as sales are concerned?

The New Marketing Environment (Again)

Social media is at its greatest value when it effects key point along the new consumer decisionsocial-media-imageprocess. Social sharing is growing more important all the time not only to consumers, but to search engine rankings as well. You might not think that ag and outdoor power equipment customers are sharing about you on Facebook or Google +, but these days consumers look to social media to learn --and to talk about--their experiences with retailers of all sorts, and to discuss products, including yours.

A payoff occurs when, during the consumer decision journey, referrals and recommendations become powerful social media tools. Research has shown that such recommendations from peers generate engagement rates substantially higher than traditional online advertising does.

Each social media platform offers businesses unique benefits. EDM offers a thorough social media marketing strategy that identifies those platforms offering the best return on investment for our industry - - whether by branding or ad-driven website visits.

Online Paid Advertising and Pay Per Click

While organic Search Engine Optimization generates traffic, it does take some
4x4time. But when you invest in a search engine marketing program such as Pay Per Click (PPC), traffic to your site can increase in a matter of days instead of months.

With that in mind, we recommend that power equipment and ag equipment dealerships have a PPC program for their targeted keywords.

We also find that Facebook ads are a way to boost your Facebook posts effectively and inexpensively.  You get far more exposure for your content, sent to selected audiences. It’s simple, easy and effective. You control how much you wish to spend. The end result is more people seeing your posts, becoming fans of your business page, and visiting your website. Promote special events and equipment sales, announce offers and share news to reach new audiences.

A Complete Marketing Plan
for Ag and Outdoor Power Equipment Dealers

Once we have reviewed all the possibilities and discussed them with you, we will move ahead with the best course of action to increase your  traffic. We then track your site's progress through Google analytics, and make further changes as needed until we---and you---are happy with your site's performance.

Keep in mind, though, that showing up in the top three slots "above the fold" in search results for equipment dealers can sometimes take patience and effort. It takes high quality content and best-practice SEO approaches. And to maintain your ranking, it takes constant keyword monitoring and content reworking, as well as a tight focus on social media activity.

That's our commitment to you when we agree to help you increase your web traffic. Your competition is always engaged in the battle for ranking supremacy...and with EDM handling your SEO and web traffic improvements, you will be too.