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resell used equipment- some samples

Whose Equipment are You Selling?

Yours...Or Everybody Else's?

Here at EDM, our perspective is that your website should be drawing attention to the inventory on your lot, not the total number of units of that make and model nationwide.

When we use marketing channels that direct the prospect to your website, we're focusing his attention right where it belongs - only on your dealership and your lot. 

So how do we do that? Two ways: through the website organic reach, and through paid channels - primarily Google Adwords and Facebook advertising.

Organic traffic is most effective for prospective buyers who are closer to your locations. Paid ads, however, increase your reach, especially useful for used equipment and parts.

But traffic generation is only the beginning. How do your visitors respond once they land on your website? Do they sense that you're unique and different, or  just another one-of-many?

And what actions do they take? Do they make a phone call, fill out a request form? How much information are you providing them? Do they begin to trust you from their first impression? (Think curbside appeal when you sell your home).

Let EDM build you a site that helps bring traffic to your door and money to your till.

Find That Interested Buyer and Convince Him of The Value of The Deal

Are you using classified ad publications, online classified websites, auctions, inventory sales or private sales?

No matter your advertising venue, you need to exploit one thing: A clear, complete, and accurate description, together with a complete set of good images -- or videos if you have them -- of the item or items for sale.

So why do so many people mismanage this process?  Maybe they feel rushed, or think they can't take good photos. But effective presentation of your inventory is what ultimately sells your used equipment.

On the other hand, poor images or inadequate descriptions undermine your credibility as a reputable seller. This results in fewer leads. Fewer leads produce fewer offers. Fewer offers mean selling at a reduced price.

Buying and Selling Farm Equipment Online: The New Way to Increase Your Sales

It’s been a tradition for ag equipment to be bought and sold at local auction, though a local dealer, or in the classified ads of regional newspapers. But now the Internet is now becoming one of the best places to look for agricultural equipment. And EDM can help you sell your used equipment online. 

Of course, there are important factors to consider before purchasing or selling agricultural equipment via the Web. Farm Industry News asked farmers to share tips about how to use the Internet to sell and buy equipment, and here are a few of the most important responses:

  • Good photos: This means good lighting, sharp images, and a variety of photos that illustrate specific areas of interest, such as tires, chains, wear points, paint and general appearance.
  • Clean equipment: Believe it or not, a good wash job on equipment can generally produce a 10 percent greater return. Once the equipment is clean, place it in a location like a clean shed on a well-kept property (which is also a great place to take good photos, providing there is enough light).
  • Price: Price equipment reasonably well. Check current auction information to help determine current market pricing. Remember, though, that in most instances, a buyer is never going to pay the asking price.
  • Equipment details: The history of the machine is important. Make sure to provide as much - or more  - information as you would provide in a classified ad. Also, be sure to provide a way for buyers to contact you with questions.

Ready to start moving more used equipment through your website? Give us a holler and let us share some of our proven ideas.