What is SEO And Why Do You Need It?

Equipment dealers have physical locations for their businesses and tend to have customer bases within their own communities and adjacent towns.

That means you need what we call "Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization)."  That's simply online visibility when
seo-pageweb viewers are searching for companies within a reasonable drive from home. 

For example, a customer in Springfield, MO wants to buy a lawn tractor. He would search for "Lawn tractors for sale, Springfield, MO."  

If he searched for just  "lawn tractors for sale," he'd end up with lots of worthless results - lawn tractors for sale in distant locations. 

Now, the major search engines use different criteria to rank local merchants than they do for search phrases that don't specify a locality.

This means that your website content must have on-page keywords and HTML tags that also reflect locality --"Best lawn tractors in SW MO" or "Most reliable tractor dealer, Northern Colorado," for example. This tells the search engines you want to be found in local searches.

Without visitors a website can't create value for a business. Make it easy for your potential customers to find your site on the web. That makes it easy for them to learn about you and begin a relationship. And that can increase the rate of return on the money invested to produce those visitors.

More About How SEO Works

seo-with-computerSimply put, good SEO encourages the search engines to rank your site on page one, which is where you need to be for best results. 

Carefully selected keywords worked seamlessly into the copy of each web page act as callouts to the search engines. Finding keywords is an art as much as a science, calling on both research skills and intuition. Google Analytics tools can help you identify words currently being searched. 

Then there's the business of HTML tags - page titles and meta descriptions that must conform to both length and information parameters to keep the search engines happy. 

Off-page SEO is tougher, and includes links to other sites, and proper citations in directories. 

SEO is one of the areas where it's best to have a professional undertake the work for you. It's hard and it's never-ending. 

SEO Tools You Can Use

Google Analytics gives you insights through a number of different graphs. It shows how many visits your site gets during a particular time period, how many pages viewed, where your viewers came from, and other details.

Webmaster tools lets you check your site for potential issues Google has detected (these can be somewhat more on the technical side) but it also helps you to understand your search traffic.

When we build a website, we set up these tools for our customers at no charge, and send the password so they can review their site's performance at any time. We offer help in understanding what the results mean, or we do the analysis and send the results in a report in plain English.