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Yes, Ag or Outdoor Power Equipment Dealers DO Need to Use Social Media

Social Media - Everyone talks about it, and most of us use it in one form or

But when it's time to use it for our businesses, well, that's another story. 

For some business owners, it's mostly finding the time to do it. For others it's the challenge of figuring out what to say and how to say it. What's the right tone? What sort of message will stimulate interest and response? Which platforms are right for your business --Facebook? Twitter? Google Plus? An email newsletter?

The answer to which social media platforms to use depends on what your message is and how much time you can devote to sharing. Some outfits have a dedicated social media employee, while others hire outside agencies to take care of this extremely necessary and time consuming task.

Your Competitors Are Using Social Media

social-media-pageHere's the important thing to note: Your competing ag equipment or outdoor power equipment dealers are also working to establish new ways to do business. They are gathering data and studying analytics. They're engaging current and potential clients with social media tools. And if you're not...then they are engaging your potential clients as well.

Successful business owners who want to grow through internet marketing  are making time --or hiring professionals -- to engage with social media.

Businesses post about their day-to-day activities – sales, specials, new employees, community events they are sponsoring. Each post presents you to the online community, and many posts are shared. Hello, new customers!

Establish Your Brand Name Online

First of all, you need to get your brand name out there by setting up an account on the top social networks. Determine what information you want to share and how often you'll post. As you go along, be sure to check all the data to see how you're doing: Are you reaching your audience? Are you getting people to click through to your website? If not, step back, analyze the results, and change your messaging. Never be afraid of checking out the competition, either. While you don't want to plagiarize, you can always borrow themes and concepts and write about them in your own words. 

Social media continues to grow. Make sure you continue to grow with it!