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Traditional Advertising is Going the Way of the Dodo

newspaper-image-w-dodo-smTraditional advertising and selling methods are going to die.  If that sounds ridiculous, just consider this: Customers rely so heavily on online information and reviews that a toilet paper sold on Amazon got MORE THAN 5000 reviews. Crazy, right? But people are writing—and reading—reviews about everything. And those reviews influence customer buying decisions. Every day. Don’t you want a piece of that?

Consumers Don’t Get Sold Anymore

At this point, after being bombarded with hard sell ads for so long, most consumers hate ads and tend to disbelieve advertisers’ claims. Instead, they head to the Internet for reviews, reports, and social media discussions. And even the traditionally conservative ag and farm customer is joining this trend.

Competition is Increasing

So many dealerships, so little time. Where’s a consumer to go? Used to be that manufacturers’ ads were enough to bring a buyer into the closest dealership. But now, relying on manufacturer’s advertising doesn’t help you to influence a buyer to come to you. You need to communicate the value you bring to customers. You’re not advertising to them, you’re offering help. How?

Well, here’s an example. A consumer sees that he can buy a Massey subcompact tractor massey-compact-smat several dealers in your area. He’s read a review or two, but still has questions. At one time, he’d just choose a dealer and walk in. But now, he’ll look on line to see who the dealers are and what they have to say.

If your website offers helpful information --  not only about the product line, but how to use it and the best way to select the right one for him, the consumer is half-sold before he walks in your door. He’s dropped his caution because you’ve already addressed his concern or solved his problem. But you DIDN’T advertise. You MARKETED.

Which Brings Us to Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing is all about creating content that will help your target customer and start a relationship with him. At that point, the customer begins to trust you as an authority and is curious about what solutions you can offer to solve their problems.They like you, they know you, they trust you, and then they buy from you.

Simple? Ridiculously So.
Here’s What You Do.

  • Identify problems that our target customer has. (farmer, questions
  • landscaper, homeowner, rural lifestyler, etc.) 
  • Write articles about those problems, offering solutions.
  • Publish them on your website and send them out through your email list.
  • Promote those posts on social media.
  • The customers find them, read them, see you as an authority.
  • They get curious about your solutions.
  • They visit the website and join your email list.
  • You send them more useful content and include an opportunity to contact you.
  • They eventually call or drop in to the store.

Your sales staff now have the easiest sell in the world because the prospect already knows, likes and trusts you.

Want Some Help?

The biggest problem is that most businesspeople don’t have time to write articles for their websites and newsletters. You don’t have time to produce quality videos. You have other, more important things to do. These marketing tasks take a lot of time, skill, and effort.

That’s why we created EDM.

Our program is the easiest way to get started with Internet Marketing. We can create high quality articles for your site and newsletter every month, and create professional, educational videos that can be shown on your site, social media and YouTube and in your newsletter. We’ll help you build a substantial amount of content to attract your target customers.

Even without any other advertising, inbound marketing will help attract customers. This is the future of advertising—don’t be left behind!

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